Home staging is all about helping potential buyers see themselves in a home. It’s a way to showcase the best features of the home and help buyers establish an emotional connection to a physical property. During the holidays, real estate professionals have a unique opportunity to stage their homes in a way that aligns with the holiday season. If you’re putting time and effort into staging a home for sale during the holidays, consider adding a few small holiday details that will make a big difference. 

Start at the Front Door
Small touches and holiday decorations at the front door can set the tone for the entire home. A simple holiday wreath on the front door or a simple “Happy Holidays” sign in the entryway can add a pop of color and personality to the front of the home. Consider putting a holiday-themed doormat on the ground, or even tie a ribbon around potted plants near the front door. A small decorative accent near the front of the home will look great in photos and make a great first impression.

Less is More
Holiday decorations should help highlight the home’s best features, not distract from them. When staging a home for the holidays, it’s important that you don’t get so wrapped up in decorating that you forget the main purpose: to help buyers see themselves living in the space. Remember that staging is about creating a blank canvas, and helping buyers see the potential in a property. Too many holiday decorations can distract from the natural flow and aesthetic of the home. A single strand of lights above the garage, a wreath on the door, or a simple Christmas tree in the living room can give off holiday vibes without overtaking the space.

Avoid overly personal holiday decorations like monogrammed stockings or family Christmas cards. Don’t clutter your cabinets and counter space with unnecessary or dated decorations. You want potential buyers to see how roomy and spacious your home is, and trinkets and decorations can distract from that. 

Appeal to the Sense of Smell
Baking goodies for an open house is a classic marketing strategy. Smells can trigger positive memories, and there are particular smells that most people associate with the holidays. Baking cookies or infusing your home with smells like pine, vanilla, apple, and cinnamon can bring a subtle holiday feel into the home without being overwhelming. Be cautious that you don’t go overboard on the smells, as some people are sensitive to these smells. Also, be careful not to burn cookies or holiday goodies minutes before an open house, as this can result in an unpleasant smell that will certainly distract buyers from the property. 

Remember the Basics of Staging
Holiday decorating is fun, but these extra touches should only be done after a thorough deep cleaning and the decluttering process has been completed. Home staging is an art that helps potential buyers focus on the best features of a property, which means a deep clean is an essential part of the staging process. Clean, declutter, and decorate the property as you would for a normal listing, and then add simple holiday touches. Even the most festive holiday decor won’t cover up a messy or unorganized property, so make sure you take care of the basics first.

Add Some Heat
If you live in an area where holidays mean cold temperatures, cranking up your fireplace can be a great addition to your staging strategy. Not only will turning up the heat make the home feel warm and cozy, but it allows buyers to see the fireplace in action. If a fireplace adds a warm and welcoming winter vibe to your home, buyers will want to stay longer, which means they will spend more time looking at your property and admiring the details. 

The Next Step
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