Successful real estate agents are usually those who focus on building relationships with their clients, leading to referrals and repeat business. Showing your clients that you appreciate them matters, and that includes choosing a thoughtful and memorable closing gift to help them celebrate their new home. 

During the homebuying process, you’ve likely spent a significant amount of time with your clients, getting to know their preferences, hobbies, and future goals. Use that knowledge to select the perfect gift! 

A client who recently bought or sold a home might not need your services again for a while, but if they post positive reviews on social media or recommend your services to friends and family, you can get invaluable word-of-mouth leads. 

Are Real Estate Closing Gifts Tax Deductible? 

Filing taxes as a real estate agent can be complicated, so it’s incredibly important to keep a thorough log of your expenses, including the cost of any closing gifts you buy for clients.  

The IRS says that you’re allowed to deduct a maximum of $25 for each gift. Maintaining a receipt file and accurate records of all expenses helps streamline the end-of-year tax filing process.  

How Much Should I Spend on a Real Estate Closing Gift? 

There’s no firm rule dictating how much you should spend on closing gifts, but the industry standard for gift-giving is between 1%-5% of the agent’s gross commission. For example, if your commission on a sale is $9,000, we recommend choosing a thoughtful gift that costs between $90-$450. 

The list below includes some gifts that are splurges and some that are more reasonably priced. And while closing gifts are optional, you should always give your clients a handwritten thank-you note to show your appreciation for their business.  

10 of Our Top Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas 

While giving your clients gift cards to Target or Amazon is always an option, we recommend choosing a gift that feels a bit more personal. When you add a personal touch, it will show that you listened to your clients and made an effort to get to know them. Whether you spend $20 or $200, clients will remember your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. 

  1. Bottle of Wine

When you’re purchasing the wine, ask about its origin and suggested food pairings, then include that information in a note with the gift. You could also add wine glasses or a food basket of items that complement the wine. 

  1. Gift Certificate to a Hardware Store or Local Restaurant 

A hardware store gift card is the perfect gift for new homeowners, who could spend it on a wide variety of handy items that range from picture hanging kits to power tools.  

A gift certificate to a new restaurant or a respected establishment offering your clients’ favorite cuisine could make for the perfect gift for foodies. Just make sure your gift card covers the entire meal and tip! 

  1. Personalized Cutting Board

Every home should have a good quality cutting board. Personalize your gift with the family’s name or initials — or perhaps a simple line like “Home Sweet Home.” 

  1. Coffee Mugs 

Whether you choose to personalize a mug or select a handmade artisan option, a nice coffee mug makes for a thoughtful thank you gift. You might want to complete the gift by adding a pound of the variety or brand of coffee your client prefers. 

  1. Bouquet of Flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers is a lovely way to welcome your client to their new home. Talk with a florist to ensure they create an arrangement that matches the client’s personality and style.  

  1. Pet Collar Tags Featuring Their New Address

If your client has pets, getting collar tags engraved with their new address could be the perfect gift. After all, during the busy homebuying process and subsequent move, some pet owners might not remember to update their pets’ tags. 

  1. Personalized Keychain

An engraved key ring is a great way to help your clients commemorate the purchase of their new home. 

  1. Return Address Stamp 

Help your clients settle into their new address with a custom return address stamp. Whether they’re paying bills or sending out holiday cards, it’s sure to make sending snail mail simple and fun. 

  1. Gift Basket 

You can choose a pre-made gift basket or build your own, and there are countless themes to choose from depending on your clients’ interests.  

For new homeowners, consider a home survival kit or gift box that includes essentials such as a tape measure and basic tools. Other possibilities include a spa gift basket, a game night gift basket, or a gardening gift basket. 

  1. Tickets to See a Local Sports Team

This is a splurge gift, but it’d be a welcome surprise for a sports fan. Depending on the sport, league, and seating, the price of tickets can range from $10 each to hundreds of dollars. 

No matter what you choose, we’re confident that a thoughtful closing gift will help you — and your customer service skills — stay top of mind. With a little bit of thought, some planning, and plenty of insight, your closing gift could become one of the best gifts your clients have ever received.