For-sale signs. Online listings. Open houses. These are all tried and true ways to let the world know you’ve got a home for sale. But sometimes traditional methods don’t work as fast as you want them to, and leading agents and brokers know that sometimes to get the sale, you have to get creative.

If you want your listings to spend less time on the market and generate more offers, you may have to incorporate some creative marketing strategies into your business plan. Here are five creative marketing strategies you can try to generate more leads and close more deals.

Use Virtual Reality

While any listing needs a detailed description and professional-quality photos, the customization and creativity come in when you start adding innovative technology to your listings. This could be 2D or 3D floor plans, video walk-throughs, or even a virtual tour. These give clients a more immersive experience and can help build your brand at the same time. Virtual Reality is becoming more of an expectation instead of a bonus feature for buyers and can help save time and money, as well as make it easier for interested clients to share your property on social media and other online platforms.

Listings with elements of virtual reality and innovative features get 40% more clicks than those that don’t, and this can help your property and your name appears higher in Google search results. 

Maximize Your Social Media Presence 

It is no secret that Facebook and Instagram can be a great way to share your listing details, but other social media features can help you improve your marketing strategy. Some creative ways to use social media for marketing include:

  • Host a Facebook Live for first-time homeowners; answer questions and offer local market advice
  • Use your Instagram stories to let people see what goes on behind the scenes when buying or selling property
  • Use the Poll feature on Instagram to ask questions and improve audience engagement
  • Use Facebook Events to let your followers know about open houses and community events
  • Share positive reviews online 

Social media is a free marketing tool, and if used wisely, can help build your brand, expand your network, and reach more people. 

Start A Blog

A blog should be a strategic part of your marketing campaign. It not only helps you rank higher in Google searches but also helps optimize SEO and provides value for the people who visit your website. A blog can showcase your expertise about the area, the property market, and the home buying/selling process. Blogs can be easily shared online which can help you reach your target audience more effectively. We’ve put together a list of 41 creative blog topics to start with, or you could ask your audience what topics they are the most interested in. This not only increases your engagement but also ensures you are giving your target audience the information they are most interested in. 

Host A Workshop

Effective marketing starts with providing value to people. A workshop is a great way to interact with the community, build relationships, and generate leads. Whether it’s an online course or an in-person seminar, a workshop provides value while showcasing your expertise at the same time. Host a free lunch for first-time homebuyers or put together a few downloadable courses that people can purchase to get to know the area or the home buying process a little better. If being in front of the camera isn’t your thing, consider starting a podcast! Podcasts are popular with busy professionals that want to learn more about a specific topic on the go.

Volunteer In The Community 

Another way to advertise your services is to jump right into the community that you are serving. Volunteer at a school event, sponsor a local little league team, volunteer at a food bank or animal shelter, or put together a community clean up day. Think about the areas in your community that need some support, and then get to work. You will meet people, help people, and network at the same time. Volunteering your time should be a pillar of your business strategy because your success is largely dependent on your reputation within the community. 

Final Thoughts 

The best marketing strategy is one that combines tried-and-true techniques with more creative approaches. How you market your services depends on the wants and needs of your audience. Effective marketing is just one part of being a successful agent or broker, and if you’re looking for ways to learn about all of the different aspects of real estate, check out some of these informative online courses made specifically for new agents

Thinking outside of the box and putting some of your personality into your marketing strategies (along with a few continuing education courses) can be just what you need to generate more leads, attract more clients and sell more property.