We’ve all heard the saying that “leaders are readers”. Or is it “readers are leaders?” Either way, successful people read. They read to educate themselves, to broaden their worldview, to learn strategies and techniques, and to figure out how to work smarter, not harder. But busy brokers and real estate professionals don’t always have the time to sit still and dive into a good book. They also may want to access information fast, which can be hard when you’re flipping through an entire book. And this is why podcasts are so popular.

Podcasts allow you to hear many different voices and many different theories on many different topics. You can listen on the go and skip over or review information much easier than reading. And while there is no substitute for enjoying a good book, efficient and productive brokers and agents maximize their time by always having a podcast waiting for them. 

If you’ve been searching for a new podcast to help you become a better real estate pro, here are five you should download right now:

Real Estate Uncensored

What it’s about: Hosted by Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson, these three-times-a-week podcast episodes are packed with real estate tips and advice from the leaders in the industry. There are interviews from well-known agents like Joshua Smith, Jeff Cohn, and Brett Tanner, and you’ll learn how the top leaders in the industry sell 500 homes a year, how to host high-tech open houses, and how to blend your sales, marketing, and prospecting skills. 

Start Here: The June 30th episode called “How To Be Active On Social Media Without Losing Your Soul w/Glenn Twiddle


Tom Ferry Podcast

What it’s about: Tom Ferry is a reputable business coach and real estate expert, and his short-and-sweet episodes focus on the motivation and inspiration you need to be the best in the industry. Every day of the week you’ll get a new kind of episode (Mondays are motivation, Tuesdays are for excerpts from the popular Tom Ferry Show, etc.) This is a feel-good podcast, perfect for the morning drive to work or to listen to before a big client meeting. 

Start Here: The July 16th episode entitled “Attract More Clients


Real Estate Rockstars

What it’s about: Hosted by bestselling author Pat Hiban, this high-level podcast interviews the best of the best, and helps listeners adopt habits that will help them be more successful and let go of the ones holding them back. There are episodes about how to get more clients, how to move from being an agent to an investor, and how the the best buyers in the business do what they do. 

Start Here: Episode 902 called “How to Get Hot Real Estate Leads on YouTube with Jesse Dau and Jackson Wilkey”


BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

What it’s about: BiggerPockets has earned its reputation as the go-to source for all things real estate business and entrepreneurship. This podcast brings leaders from all industries to offer wisdom, strategy, education, and motivation for real estate professionals. Their intent is not to push gimmicks and tricks, but instead real methods that work for real people. 1.3 million people have listened to the podcast!

Start Here: Bonus episode called “10 Deadly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make with Brandon and David


The Real Estate Guys

What it’s about: This podcast adds a little lightheartedness to the often serious world of real estate. Their casual conversations will keep you engaged while offering real-world advice for agents, brokers, and investors. There are over 300 episodes to listen to, ranging from understanding inflation and deflation, using tax breaks to increase cash flow and the basics of passive investing. Most episodes are right under an hour and are fast-paced, entertaining, and relevant.

Start Here: The episode called “Finding and Creating Value in a Hot Market


Education Is Key

There is no shortage of great real-estate-based podcasts out there just waiting for you to enjoy. While you’re adding these to your virtual library, look for podcasts that can help you with time management, saving money, getting organized, maximizing your mornings, real estate technology trends, and perfecting your communication skills. These are all vital in improving as a broker, agent, or investor. 

Podcasts are a great addition to continued education, but there is no substitute for top-quality classes and resources to help you become a better real estate professional. Download these podcasts, and then see which one of our popular courses can help you sell more property, close more deals, and make more money. 

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