Real estate brokers are problem solvers. Decision-makers. Creators. Innovators. Planners. Do-ers. They thrive in their fast-paced industry and have learned the importance of communication, organization, and time management. They’ve also learned the power in working smarter, not harder, and recommend these as the best apps for real estate agents:


In real estate, effective communication is essential for success. Real estate agents and brokers must be able to communicate with each other and with interested buyers and sellers. FreshChat allows you to message people on platforms they’re already using while keeping track of the conversation in a single place. Whether it’s connecting via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, mobile texts, or other communication platforms, FreshChat keeps it all organized. This reduces the amount of time you’re searching your online platforms for a specific message and allows communication between you and your clients to be seamless and organized. 

FreshChat has a free option, and four other paid subscription options ranging from $15-$69 a month. 


Real estate agents and brokers understand the importance of being active on social media. But with so many different online platforms to manage, it can almost be a full-time job trying to keep track of comments, likes, messages, and daily posts. Buffer makes it easy to plan, schedule, create, and post engaging social media content that generates authentic conversation with your clients. 

The publishing tools allow you to grow your brand by creating content specifically for each online platform, while the analytic features help you see how your posts are doing, track your engagement, and help you modify your online marketing strategy to expand your reach and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Buffer offers a free 14-day trial and three unique subscription options. These options range from $15- $99 a month and are customized for entrepreneurs, small teams, and large businesses. 


When it comes to marketing, real estate agents and brokers need to be creative when creating their personal and professional brands. They need innovative and eye-catching marketing materials that demonstrate their expertise but also show off their personality. Canva helps create eye-catching marketing materials to distribute throughout your community and online. Canva offers online courses, workshops, and design tutorials to help you learn each feature of the software and use it to create posters, postcards, brochures, business cards, and social media content. 

Canva is easy to use for beginners but is loved by professionals and experts who are looking for high-quality promotional materials. There is a free option for individuals and small groups that are working on small projects, and two other subscription options ranging from $10-$30. 


Part of being a successful real estate broker is becoming an expert and time management. This means understanding which tasks your team is spending the most time on and finding ways to streamline them. Hubstaff allows you to track things such as hours worked, drive times, and even how much time employees are spending on email and online work. This easy-to-use app also allows you to submit payments straight from the app and plan employee schedules. 

Hubstaff’s free option offers basic features like the tracking of activity levels and the ability to pay employees for their time worked straight from the app. There are two other subscription options that range from $10 to $20 a month.


Real estate is all about visuals, but hiring a professional photographer can be expensive. With BoxBrownie you can take a photo of the empty room, submit it, and then allow the BoxBrownie team to virtually stage it and get back to you within 48 hours. 

This can be a quick and convenient way to get high-quality pictures implemented into your marketing strategy, even if the home isn’t 100% show-ready. They can also help you put together 360-degree virtual tours, floor plans, virtual renovations, and day-to-dusk imaging filters. 

BoxBrownie has an a-la-carte pricing model, which means you just pay for the services you need. Some examples include:

  • Image enhancement- $1.60
  • Remove items from an image- $8
  • Virtual renovation- $24 to $176
  •  360 virtual tours- $24
  •  Copywriting- $48
  •  External renders $280- $600


There are a lot of exciting things about the real estate industry, but paperwork usually isn’t one of them. Throughout the buying or selling process, brokers find themselves dealing with a lot of paperwork that needs to be read, analyzed, drawn up, and signed. DocuSign is a useful app that allows real estate professionals to send important documents to their clients and have them sign it virtually. 

This is a useful resource in a time when people are practicing social distancing and can’t always meet for face-to-face meetings. Signing documents through DocuSign is legal and authorized, and helps get more contracts signed in less time. This app also allows you to prepare and manage your important documents, create an electronic signature, and streamline the agreement generation process. 

There are three plans designed specifically for real estate professionals and range from $10-20 a month. 

Final Thoughts

A real estate brokerage is successful when all of its agents are on the same page. These apps make it easy to stay organized and connected, and help your team work together to close deals quickly. Implementing even one of these popular apps may help your team save time, save money, and build more authentic relationships with the buyers and sellers in your community.

Do you have any favorite apps you’d add to this list?