Writing the perfect listing is both an art and a science, and this article provides tips on both so you can understand how to write the perfect luxury listing. Real estate is a very visual industry, and great listings start with professional quality photos.  The photos are meant to grab the buyer’s attention, and the listing description should keep them there. The listing description should be well thought out, honest, accurate, and engaging, so as you’re writing keep these things in mind:

Sell the Lifestyle, Not the Building
Luxury buyers are looking for more than designer finishes and a sprawling open floor plan. They care less about the number of rooms and more about what kind of life they can live in those rooms. A major part of writing a high-quality luxury property listing is to focus on the experience. Instead of simply mentioning that it has a pool, help the reader picture the pool parties they could host here. Instead of listing the dimensions of the living room, paint a picture of family movie nights.

Anyone can rattle off the number of bedrooms and materials used to build a house. It takes creativity and skill to bring these materials and rooms to life. And it’s this creativity and attention to detail that luxury buyers are looking for.

This doesn’t mean you have to max out your character count with “fluff.” But it does mean that your listing description should help the reader feel what it would be like to call this place home. The fun they’ll have, the privacy and prestige they’ll experience, the affluent lifestyle they’ll lead. Focusing on these aspects will help intrigue potential buyers and keep them wanting more.

Put Thought Into Your Title
Your title and your cover photo are your first impressions, so it’s worth putting time and effort into both. What is it that sets this luxury home apart from the rest? Most luxury homes can be defined as “sprawling, luxurious, or designer” so these words won’t necessarily make your real estate listing stand out. What features does it have that you think buyers will find most interesting? A pool deck made for entertaining? An outdoor kitchen? Water views? Private beach access? What makes this home a luxury home and what do buyers need to know first?

Instead of: Sprawling Luxury Pool Home with Designer Finishes
Try: The Perfect Pool Home for Entertaining! Check Out the Outdoor Kitchen

Instead of: Modern Beach Home with Large Kitchen
Try: 15 Steps From the Beach! Enjoy Coffee and Ocean Views From the Balcony

Follow The Photos
Your goal is to make reading and understanding the property listing as effortless as possible. The reader shouldn’t have to decipher, guess, or infer anything–it should all be right there. They should also be able to move seamlessly through the description and the photos and understand exactly what they’re looking at, and how the photos and the description work together. Take professional-quality photos that follow the layout of the home. However you choose to list your photos, make sure your listing description follows the same order. If the pictures or descriptions make the reader feel confused, you’ll lose them. While there’s no set rule about how to arrange listing photos, many real estate agents choose to list in this order:

  • Front of the house
  • Living and dining spaces
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor space

Be Honest and Accurate
There’s no reason to embellish or exaggerate on a luxury property listing. People are inevitably going to tour the home and see the inconsistencies, and it will only tarnish your reputation as a real estate agent. Be honest with the details, and turn problems into potentials. Reframe possible issues as charming quirks or features of the home, and highlight the areas that make the property stand out. When you write a listing description, you put your character on the line. Transparency is key.

Words to NEVER Use in Your Listing Descriptions
Real estate agents can unintentionally find themselves in hot water when they use certain words and phrases in their listing descriptions. It’s worth reminding you that words and phrases considered discriminatory can violate the Fair Housing Act and can put an agent’s job in jeopardy. Remember, some words/phrases to never use include:

  • Chinese/Christian/White: any words describing someone’s race, religion, or ethnicity
  • Temples, mosques, churches: any words assuming the buyer is of a certain religion
  • Couples only/no kids: Words that discriminate against familial status
  • Retirees/Seniors/Teens: Words that discriminate against demographics of age

Your listing should appeal to a specific set of buyers, but not assume anything about them. If the home is great for families with kids, you can mention how close it is to local parks and great schools without specifically mentioning that it’s perfect for families with kids. If the home is great for older people, you can highlight how accessible it is, or how close it is to golf courses and grocery stores. For a complete list of words to use (and those to avoid) click here.

Final Thoughts
You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write an engaging luxury real estate listing description. You just have to be honest, aware, and able to highlight the lifestyle. The more you know about your buyers, the easier it will be to write a listing description tailored to their expectations.

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