There’s no denying that the weather significantly impacts our moods, our plans, and our buying decisions. Top real estate professionals know that it also changes the way people think about buying and selling real estate and that they have to tweak their strategies a bit to successfully sell real estate in the winter.

As the temperatures drop, these are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to selling real estate in the winter:

  • Keep The Lights On- In many parts of the county, winter means longer nights and less sunlight. Keeping a front porch light on will make it easier for interested buyers to see the home from the street when they’re driving by in the late afternoons and evenings. It also illuminates the home and makes it feel welcoming. 
  • Price It Right– Competitive pricing is important no matter what season you’re selling real estate. Being intentional about setting the right price during the winter is important because there is typically less competition between home buyers during the season. 
  • Prioritize Winter Home Maintenance– The cold can bring out some of a property’s biggest flaws, including leaks, drafty windows, and furnace problems. Encourage sellers to double-check these systems to ensure they are there in working order in the winter. 
  • Update Online Listings– During the winter, more people will choose to look for properties online from the warmth and comfort of their home instead of braving the elements and driving through the city looking for For Sale signs. Spend time updating your current online listings to make sure they are attention-grabbing, accurate, and up-to-date. 

It’s possible to sell real estate in the winter, as long as you’re willing to adjust your strategy slightly to meet the needs of your clients. Winter is also a great time to take more continuing education real estate classes, prepare for your next professional exam, or explore a new type of license. 

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