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Sara Nicholson

Real estate agents all over the country are learning how to adapt their strategies and work practices in a world that is living through a pandemic. The real estate market, like most other industries, took a hit in 2020, and real estate agents had to think fast to give their clients what they needed during an unprecedented time.

Sara Nicholson has been in the real estate industry in Jefferson, Indiana for four years and was in her second year as a licensed agent when COVID-19 came in and shook things up. We sat down with her (virtually) to discuss how the pandemic has impacted real estate in Jefferson and what changes she had to make to stay on top of her game through it all. 

What is your favorite thing about real estate?
The flexibility and the financial freedom it gives you.

What do you love about your city?
I love how “good ole boy” it is. It’s the background and everyone knows everyone. 

What’s the real estate market like in your city?
Insane. The market is on fire! 

What real estate trends have you noticed this year?
New construction hasn’t been as popular. People are loving the old houses that are within walking distance to downtown. 

What did a typical month look like (work-wise) before COVID?
It seemed a little slower. I also didn’t have to mask up everywhere. 

How has COVID impacted real estate in your area?
It’s only changed the way we perform our activities. We aren’t doing as many open houses, we wear masks to showings, and some people aren’t allowing in-person showings. 

How have you changed the way you market yourself and your business during COVID?
I do a TON of videos and virtual consults.

What is the general attitude of buyers and sellers in your area during COVID?
Hungry. Everyone wants to move QUICK! Some people are nervous our housing market is about to crash. 

How have you changed how you manage open houses?
I just mask up. I’ve had several open houses where no one shows up because of COVID.

What apps/technology do you use and love?
I market mostly on social media. I use Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat to market myself as an agent.

What strategies have you put in place to help you cope with these changes?
I’ve really just started to market myself more electronically. Less face-to-face and more virtually. 

What has been the hardest part about being an agent during COVID?
All the uncertainty. 

What are some of your goals for 2021?
I’m going to sell 44 houses and purchase my first flip property. 

What has working through COVID taught you?
What you do today, you won’t reap the benefits of for about another 30-90 days. Be patient. Keep hustling and keep a positive mindset!  

Sara is one of the thousands of real estate professionals across the country that learned to navigate the new rules and procedures associated with COVID and still strive for a successful year. The real estate agents that choose to see opportunity instead of obstacles are the ones thriving. They’re also the ones who are investing in continued education, online courses, virtual networking events, and workshops to keep them relevant. 

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