Selling real estate requires a certain commitment. A recent article on highlighted some of the qualities that savvy, successful real estate agents possess that you should strive to emulate.

In “7 qualities of smart real estate agents,” contributing writer and founder of the Real Estate Sales Machine Jimmy Burgess wrote that the following seven daily behaviors distinguish smart agents from their competition:

1. They never stop learning.

Smart agents are always learning. They read books about the industry and attend conferences and seminars on ways to better grow their businesses. They continue their education well past the requirements.

A recent Mbition survey found that close to 70% of agents surveyed said they take on continuing education in real estate for reasons other than fulfilling job requirements.
Source: 2015 Mbition Insights Report

2. They focus on others.

“Smart agents understand that the more they focus on helping others, the more they help themselves,” Burgess wrote. “By focusing on the needs of others, their businesses grow at a compounded rate over time.”

3. They’re aware of statistics and trends.

Savvy agents are statistically aware. They follow the numbers and keep abreast of the trends, watching prices year-over-year. “The knowledge of the numbers positions them as the experts in their market,” Burgess wrote. “The perception of them as experts leads to business growth that is steady and strong.”

4. They are creative.

Finding unique and different ways to market themselves and their clients’ homes is a trait most smart agents have. According to Burgess, their uniqueness leads to eyes, eyes lead to interest, and interest leads to new business. Out-of-the-box thinking can garner more business.

5. They are persistent.

Smart agents cultivate relationships and build trust over time.  “Very rarely do people do business with a person after only one encounter,” wrote Burgess. They also know that the relationship isn’t over once the transaction is. They establish follow-up programs and protocols to keep them at the top of their clients’ list for their real estate needs.

6. They have goals and they regularly review them.

Having a vision of where you want your business to go is a must. To keep them on track, smart agents write down their goals and review them often. “The goals keep them accountable for their daily actions,” Burgess wrote. “They use them to formulate daily plans and draw closer to their desired levels of production.”

7. They walk the walk.

Smart agents aren’t wallflowers. They don’t wait for opportunities to fall into their laps. They go after business with a focused and clear plan. According to Burgess, they know that without action, everything else is irrelevant. “Smart agents know that their success rises or falls on the amount of action they take,” he wrote. “They overwhelm the market with action.”