Once you’ve decided real estate is the career for you, your first challenge is passing your state’s real estate exam. Not only is it possible to pass this exam with flying colors, but passing your real estate exam first time comes down to one vital element: the way you approach exam prep. 

Here are four things you need to know about studying for (and passing) your real estate exam so you can move on to serving the real estate needs of your community:

Understand Your State’s Testing Requirements
Every state has different requirements regarding testing requirements. Passing the real estate exam starts with having a clear understanding of what you need to know, how to study it, and how to successfully take the exam. Find your state’s real estate exam requirements here

Adjust Your Schedule
If it’s been a while since you’ve had to study for an exam, it’s important to remember that learning and retaining a lot of new information requires intentional focus. This means making small adjustments to your schedule so that you can block out chunks of time for focused studying. 

Use The Right Tools
Once you have a clear understanding of your state’s real estate exam requirements, It’s time to invest in high-quality, professional continuing-education tools that will help you practice for the exam. Mbition’s innovative exam prep programs feature:

  • Over 1,600 practice questions
  • Timed exams
  • Real-time reports
  • Mobile compatible features
  • Immediate feedback for correct answers while in study mode. 
  • The ability to flag questions for review to practice and master difficult content.\

Having the right books is also key and effective studying, and you can find many of the industry’s most popular textbooks and resources here 

Immerse Yourself In Information
Top performing real estate professionals are always learning, and you can start this habit now by intentionally immersing yourself in industry-specific information. This could look like:

  • Listening to real estate podcasts
  • Reading real estate-focus blogs
  • Watching webinars
  • Taking classes, and 
  • Reading professional development books aimed at real estate professionals. 

Doing this as you study for the exam will help you understand, retain, and apply the information you need for your exam.

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