Music is said to be a universal language. With so many genres available, everyone has some kind of music they like. Clients can use that knowledge when showing their home for sale, according to broker Joy Earls of Joy Earls Real Estate, as reported in the Missoulian, of Missoula, Mt.

“If you are selling your home, you should also be shameless about using music,” Earls wrote. “I was touring homes for sale with some buyers when I walked into a vacant home. The radio was turned on in the kitchen. It immediately felt like someone was home. The music warmed up the home and welcomed me somehow.”

Earls said she also noticed sellers who had tuned their televisions to a music channel. “It worked for me better than the news on CNN or silently walking around hearing each creak in the floor,” she wrote.

Some tips Earls recommended in the article included:

• Do your homework about what music to choose. Know your home and think about who might be a likely buyer.
• Try to create the type of atmosphere that would fit the lifestyle of the new owner.

“When in doubt, neutral music will certainly be better than none, as long you make sure it is background music and not rocking the rafters,” she wrote.

In addition, Earls suggested, if your clients decide to renovate instead of sell, they still should consider the benefits of music. There has been some research that suggests music has health benefits, according to Earls, who said she was touched by a story of how music changed the lives of a couple affected by the wife’s Alzheimer’s. The husband wanted to care for her at home for as long as possible so they set up a shuffle of music from her youth.

“The intrinsic value and powers of music should not be overlooked, whether for health reasons or shameless marketing,” she wrote. “Whether someone in your home needs some energizing, think of music that may have filled their life in better times.”

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