Mbition is excited to announce our newest real estate exam prep tool for real estate licensing students! This intelligent new learning tool delivers individualized feedback as you progress through PSI National Exam Prep practice questions. It identifies individual topic strengths and areas of improvement, with customized results so you can be confident on state exam day!

Unlike other options available, Exam Prep Plus delivers more than just a single readiness score. This tool allows you to:

  • Engage with test content in many flexible ways, making it perfect for all learning styles
  • Access tons of useful tools to help you organize and advance through all the most relevant real estate exam topics
  • Set your first goal with the Test Scheduler module to mark your state test date and plan for success

As you take more practice tests, Exam Prep Plus reports your progress on a simple dashboard, identifying your specific topic strengths and weaknesses. You can:

  • Get detailed reports on your performance by topic and question
  • Focus your study efforts on the topics you need the most help with
  • Populate more data and practice with shorter tests when it’s convenient for you
  • Use Quick Review to create new tests with a set number of questions, in either Practice or Timed Exam modes
  • Click View All Questions to see a breakdown of all questions in the PSI National Exam Prep question bank
  • Expand each category to see all the questions, and how you scored on each one
  • View the coaching explanations for each question
  • Add notes for later reference
  • Enjoy the flexibility to create custom practice tests for just one category or topic

One of the greatest features of Exam Prep Plus is the ability to create Custom Exams based on specific topic categories, sub-categories and individual questions. Use this to set up exams with the questions you struggle with, and commit the correct answers to memory.

With Exam Prep Plus, you can study online, around your schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, you get unlimited access to the tool for one full year.

Check out a quick demo of the new Exam Prep Plus tool below!