It’s one thing to build a beautiful website, but if it merely exists online, it’s not a business generator. Rather, it’s an online brochure.

Turning your website from an online brochure to a business generator means engaging in practices that help boost your website to the top when people search for real estate agents, homes, or listings in a particular area. Collectively, those practices are called search engine optimization, or SEO.

Why should real estate agents bother with search SEO strategies? It’s hard to ignore the internet’s power when it comes to online searches for not only real estate agents but also properties. Nearly 45% of recent buyers indicated that the first thing they did before purchasing homes was search online for properties for sale. That’s compared with 17% who first contacted a real estate agent, according to the National Association of REALTORS® 2016 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers.

The challenge for busy agents, however, is successful SEO takes commitment, having a strategy, and putting in almost daily time and effort. These 7 SEO tips should help real estate agents garner near top spots on local searches with Yahoo!, Google and other search engines.

No. 1: Focus on the right key phrases

What would you type into the computer, onto your tablet or phone if you were looking for properties in Miami, Fla.? Answering that question is an important first step in developing a successful SEO strategy. Your answer might be: “Houses for sale in Miami.” Variations could include houses for sale in a certain zip code or price range or county.

Real estate agents who come up with the key phrases potential clients would use and include those in their websites, content and more stand to boost their search engine rankings, according to a Feb. 17, 2017, article “3 SEO Tips for Real Estate Agents,” on BusinessOpportunities.Biz.

No. 2: Connect socially

Agents’ activities on social media—from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Instagram—can increase SEO rankings, as well as build relationships with potential new clients. Professional social communities, such as LinkedIn, can help drive rankings for agents that have particular strengths in the profession, according to BusinessOpportunities.Biz.

Remember to aim for consistency in the messages you send on your website and social media. That way, what you do works collectively to enhance search engine rankings. For example, digital marketing expert Sam Hurley said on that your name, address, and phone number should be consistent, regardless of the online platform. This includes third-party listings and mentions. To verify a name, address, and phone are consistent, do an advanced Google search on your company names, locations, and zip codes, according to Hurley.

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