Realtor Bill Freeze believes an important aspect of being a high-achieving agent is to care for the clients with whom you work. “Being a successful realtor means that first and foremost you care about people,” Freeze wrote in the Daily Herald (Provo, Utah) article, “What does it take to be a leader in real estate?

“If you care about your clients and do what is best for them, then everything else works out,” he wrote.

This kind of thinking has helped Freeze, past president of the Utah Central Association of Realtors, become an effective leader who is asked for advice from real estate agents on several topics. He shared two questions in particular he said are the most commonly asked of him that every successful real estate agent should know the answers to.

Real estate advice for your newly retired clients
You may have clients who have just retired or are planning to retire shortly. Freeze suggests you advise them not to make any life-changing decisions without a thorough review of the options and without checking with family members first.

“In some cases, people don’t want to leave their home because it’s paid for, and they feel comfortable in their neighborhood,” Freeze wrote. However, he continued, if there are financial concerns or problems with upkeep on their home, it may be beneficial to suggest they move to a nearby apartment and use the equity from their home to pay off bills, travel, or simplify their lives.

For retired clients who have paid off their homes and may need extra cash for bills, a new car, etc., a reverse mortgage may be a good suggestion, according to Freeze. “It’s not for everyone, but many people are taking advantage of this financial option,” Freeze wrote.

Tips for easy real estate deal closings
The best way to ensure a deal goes through in a timely manner is to communicate all concerns. “Communication is so important both with your clients and the other parties involved,” Freeze wrote. “When you are getting close to finalizing a deal, the best way to keep that transaction running smoothly is to be sure all parties understand the process and then follow the rules.”

If a client doesn’t understand something in the sale, it’s likely the realtor didn’t take the time to explain how the process works, according to Freeze. Be patient with your clients. Although you understand the process, it may be confusing to your clients.