Having a great product or service is one thing, but entrepreneurs are discovering they need to sell themselves to their customers, too. Successful business men and women shared their strategies for selling themselves in the article “12 Secrets to Supercharging Your Personal Brand” posted by entrepeneur.com.

1. Become a superstar. Build your name by excelling in your work. That’s because “your name is only as good as your accomplishments,” wrote top sales expert Grant Cardone. He built a $500 million real estate empire, and suggested instead of working on building your name, work on adding to your credentials.

2. Publish often. Kevin Harrington, inventor of the infomercial and an original shark on “Shark Tank” who has an estimated $450 million net worth, suggested publishing books, articles in major publications, and even videos. “These tools build your credibility, make you stand out from your competition, and enhance your reputation,” he wrote.

3. Pretend you’re producing a hit show.  Tell great stories like “Game of Thrones does,” suggested investor Tai Lopez, who is an advisor or partner in more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses. “Most people try to build their personal brand through random social-media posts about whatever is going on in their life. But your most important strategy is to tell great stories,” Lopez wrote.

4. Publish your own report.  When Barbara Corcoran first published “The Corcoran Report” on the NYC real estate market, “it was based on only 11 sales, but it put me on the front page of the New York Times as the industry expert,” she wrote. That’s why she recommends creating and publishing an industry statistical report and naming it after yourself.

5. Speak wherever your audience is. Com Mirza, CEO of Fitness Expo Dubai, suggested speaking at various events, webinars, and conferences – providing education to the audience. “Nothing builds a personal brand more than adding massive value to your audience via education,” he wrote.

6. Get personal. Manny Khoshbin, president of The Khoshbin Company, said he often shares his story about starting his business at age 14, nearly going bankrupt twice and eventually becoming successful. He now has a nine-figure net worth and continues to believe that sharing personal stories helps grow your business.

7. Get and stay in shape. Ian Clark, founder and CEO of Activation Products, said staying healthy is a great pay-off for entrepreneurs. “When you feel great, you’re in a great mood, and that shines through allowing people to fully resonate with you,” he wrote.

8. Get in front of your audience regularly.  You can speak at events, but also consider creating and running your events, suggested Kim Barrett, owner of Your Social Voice. She also suggested distributing marketing videos of your business.

9. Live stream daily on Facebook. Creating trust involves gaining attention and offering value. One way to do that is through a live stream on Facebook Live every day, according to Calvin Coyles, CEO of Young & Wildly Successful, wrote.

10. Improve by 1% daily. Small daily improvements add up to huge gains, according to Josh Black, investor, entrepreneur, and CEO of GroupM Content in Asia. “Those continuous improvements will positively enhance your life and image more than almost anything else you could do,” he wrote.

11. Create consistent brand-reinforcements. No matter how busy you are, take time to consistently build and reinforce your brand, according to Rhonda R. Swan, founder and CEO of Your Brand Is My Business and The Freedom-Preneur Movement. “Your system needn’t be complex, it could simply be adding ‘social media’ to your daily calendar, and ‘write blog entry’ to your weekly schedule,” she wrote.

12. Find and nurture your tribe.  Build upon the trust you’ve developed with a small, loyal group of people. “Gaining the trust and relationships necessary to build a personal image comes from years of intentional and purposeful execution,” wrote Neil Twa, cofounder of eCom Pro Academy.

Do you practice any of these tips to boost your brand? Any other strategies you recommend? Comment below!