Not all agents chose real estate to be their first love. Some had a totally different life before becoming an agent. Consider the case of millionaire broker Fredrik Eklund, star of the Bravo TV series, “Million Dollar Listing New York,” who was recently interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine. According to the article,  “Why This Famous Millionaire Real Estate Broker Karate-Kicks Before a Big Meeting (and Thinks You Should, Too), Eklund’s most notable stint before taking the real estate world by storm was as an adult film star named Tag Eriksson.

How did Eklund find himself as the highest-grossing real estate broker in New York City for the past two years? He fell in love with the Big Apple when he first visited from Sweden at age 10, according to the article.

Eklund visited the Statue of Liberty during that trip and, never forgetting the image of skyscrapers before him, eventually returned to NYC (after leaving California and the adult film industry behind, of course) to “singlehandedly sell over $5 billion of luxury real estate in and around the high-rises below,” according to the article. His first year in the industry resulted in more than $50 million in property sales while working for a firm owned by an uncle of actor Robert DeNiro.

Real estate agent Josh Tucker worked for NASCAR for a decade before becoming an agent, according to an article, “Agent with NASCAR background used former network to become a luxury top producer.” When life on the road was beginning to weigh on him, he decided he needed to do something different.

“[NASCAR] is definitely a family,” Tucker said in the article. “I spent more time with them than I did my actual family. By the time you factor in four nights a week, 42 weeks a year, it really adds up.”

Tucker initially thought about becoming a car salesman, according to the article, but decided against it after realizing NASCAR drivers already receive deals from automakers. When he saw that many race care enthusiasts were buying homes in the Mooresville, N.C. area — where NASCAR is based — Tucker decided to give real estate a go.

“There were no agents that really had a tie to NASCAR or who had been so heavily involved in NASCAR and then left to get into real estate, so I grabbed ahold and ran with it,” Tucker said in the article. He is now a top producer in the area, selling $50 million worth of property in his first two years as an agent.

Eklund and Tucker are two agents who had very interesting careers before going into real estate. What did you do before embarking on your real estate career? Let us know!