If you’re still not convinced it’s a great time to jump into real estate, maybe these five reasons to get started as a real estate agent, provided by Wilmington, N.C.-area broker Neal Johnson of Network Real Estate, will give you the boost you need.

No. 1: Getting started is easy. Unlike other professions, beginning a career in real estate is relatively simple. “You don’t need a bunch of startup money or angel investors, and it doesn’t require expensive equipment or a four-year degree,” Johnson wrote in an article published online in WilmingtonBiz Insights. Your first step is to take and pass a pre-licensing course and the licensing examination for the state in which you plan to work. Be sure that the school you choose is reputable and accredited.

No. 2: Flexibility is priceless. Real estate allows you to work a flexible schedule, putting in as much time (or as little) as suits you. Staying organized is key. “It’s relatively easy to schedule appointments with clients and set up home viewings around your other responsibilities, such as family obligations and personal passions,” Johnson wrote.

No. 3: When it comes to salary, the sky’s the limit. A career in real estate provides you with unlimited financial possibilities. You can choose to join a big brokerage, a family-owned firm, or you can decide to open your own agency.  As an agent, you won’t be limited by a salary cap or an arbitrary budget, which means the opportunities are endless.

No. 4: You get to work in a helping profession. Once you become a licensed agent, you will use your knowledge and expertise to assist your clients in fulfilling their real estate dreams. Clients will rely on you to help navigate the ins and outs of the transactions. “Buying or selling a house isn’t easy for the average person. That’s why real estate agents exist —  to help guide their clients through this confusing, emotional, and complex process,” Johnson wrote.

No. 5: You’ll always have job security. The market has its ups and downs. Even so, one thing holds true: People will always need housing. The key is to stay informed and keep abreast of trends. “While the market will ebb and flow, a real estate agent who plans ahead and keeps his or her passion for the work will always find a way to succeed,” Johnson wrote.