Acquisition and New Technology Prompt Longtime Real Estate Educator to Adopt New Identity

Lifelong Learner Holdings (LLH) announced today that its acquired online education business, OnCourse Learning Real Estate, will operate under the new brand name: Mbition. The newly formed online education brand will continue to build on the work done through OnCourse’s real estate and home inspection businesses.

The new brand will be the flagship online education provider for Lifelong Learner Holdings LLC, based out of greater Los Angeles. Mbition will deliver training and continuing education for the real estate, home inspection, home appraisal and technology industries. The company will add new content in the future as part of its growth strategy.

Since the acquisition, which occurred in July 2019, Mbition introduced a new, modern, custom-built Learning Management System (LMS) for all students. The new learning platform boasts a simpler interface, more interactive learning materials and mobile compatibility among its key features. Mbition is also leveraging LLH’s extensive expertise in testing to create a unique platform that combines learning and testing into a powerful blended educational experience.

“Today is the beginning of a very bright future for Mbition,” said Lifelong Learner Holdings LLC’s Peter Celeste, Career Services President. “These powerful new tools and our unique new brand will position us for sustainable market growth and higher market share in the online education space.”

The acquisition of OnCourse Learning Real Estate included sister brands American Home Inspectors Training, and Utah-based Stringham Schools. Those brands will retain their existing names for the time being.


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