Even the perfect home has something that can be done to enhance it to meet a family’s needs. You can help your clients make good use of the home inspector’s visit by suggesting they use the time to create a blueprint for making those changes. “How to make the most of your home inspection time,” an Orange County (Calif.) Register article by Orange County real estate agent Leslie Sargent Eskildsen, offers useful tips you can pass on to your clients to help them use that few hours wisely.

“The home inspection will typically take between three to four hours, depending on the size and age of the home, so you can weave in appointments with all the people necessary to create your optimal dream home,” she wrote.

1. Who: After determining a list of projects you want done, decide who needs to see the home to provide a quote or bid. If you’re not familiar with professionals in your new neighborhood, Eskildsen suggests using social media and internet searches. “Facebook neighborhood group pages are a wonderful place to ask for local experts,” she wrote. “Google them and check out their Yelp reviews and the work displayed their own web sites if you have several to choose from.”

2. When: Separate the few hours the inspection will take into segments so you can provide the appropriate amount of attention to each appointment. “Let them know you have a busy schedule, and you’ll be devoting 30 minutes to them.” Eskildsen also recommends you email to links to Houzz and other sites with pictures of what you would like to have done so you can get right to business when they arrive at the home.

3. Be organized: “Have a folder for each different project with pictures of your ideas and lists of features you’re looking for,” Eskildsen wrote. It’s a good idea to have copies of them on hand in the event they didn’t have time to print them out.

4. Avoid awkward moments: Space out appointments with those professionals who may bid for the job to avoid any awkward run-ins. “Certainly don’t put them back to back,” Eskildsen noted.