Boost the reach of your real estate content with these creative marketing ideas for digital content placement.

“…real estate is a very interesting niche to create content in, and even more than that, to create content that meets the needs of your personas (aka your site’s visitors and potential buyers) in places that are not just your own website.”

Online marketer John Doherty wrote these words in a post for The Content Marketing Institute back in July 2012, and they still hold true today. Although real estate agents have mastered content marketing, there are still areas where they can share their great content with those who may not see it otherwise.

Marketing idea No.1: Your own website!

First, you’ll want to make sure the content on your website is click-worthy before attempting to write for other sites. After all, you will be sending readers back to yours via links in your copy. If you’re not a great writer or just don’t have the time, there are writing tools out there to help you create content that sells and keeps readers coming back. Here are a few writer tools Ben Shepardson suggested in “3 Must-Use Writing Tools for Real Estate Marketing — Especially If You Aren’t a Writer! on

Wriber:  This artificial-intelligence driven software can provide sources for research, suggest ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and provide quotes, statistics, and Twitter posts to give your content strength.

Headline Analyzer: The headline is the first copy readers see, so it must be catchy enough to make them want to keep reading. A headline analyzer tool will rate your headline, letting you know how “clickable” it is. According to the article, CoSchedule’s tool is free of charge.

Feedly: You don’t have to create all the content on your site yourself. Curating content from other sources around the web is a quick and easy way to share relevant information with your audience. This tool does that for you. “Part of the goal of digital real estate marketing is to build trust and value with your audience, and providing them with relevant content (even if it’s not your own) can help accomplish that goal,” Shepardson wrote.

Marketing ideas for content placement

Now that you have created this great content, it’s time to get it out there. Here are Doherty’s suggestions from “4 Types of Content Real Estate Agents Should Create.

Real estate forums: Forums are a place to share content and earn a following from other community members, while at the same time, network and brainstorm with others in the real estate industry.  It’s where you can “build your brand as a real estate agent and thought leader amongst your peers (who could conceivably refer local business to you),” Doherty wrote.

Websites that showcase home design: Design and home staging websites are great to share your real estate content. Providing relevant content to these sites shows that you are an agent who “understands aesthetics” and who will show them beautiful homes that they would be proud to own, according to Doherty.

Real estate marketing websites: You may think of this as helping the competition. Not so, according to Doherty.  “Doing so is actually an investment in your future and your brand, helping you position yourself as someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy,” he wrote.

Luxury websites: For those in the business of selling luxury homes, Doherty recommends writing for luxury travel sites and celebrity home sites. According to Doherty, “Simply being able to say on your own website that you write for Travel and Leisure builds your own brand through links.”

What unique placement strategies do you use to push your digital marketing content? Share with us!