As a real estate agent, your clients are trusting you to help them see the whole picture. They are looking for you to not only find them the right home at the right price point but to also help them find a community where they belong. Many buyers rely on neighborhood profile videos to give them a better idea of the area where they’re looking to buy. So how do you make neighborhood profile videos that stand out and give potential clients the information that they need? Try these five techniques to create engaging neighborhood profile videos:

Invest in Good Equipment
You don’t have to drop thousands of dollars on tech equipment to create high-quality videos, but you may want to invest in a few gadgets that will help bring your videos to the next level. Most modern smartphones have cameras that can capture high-quality images and video, but by adding a microphone or light panels, you can dramatically increase the quality of your videos.

A tripod will help you take steady and balanced pictures, and a mounting plate can help keep your camera and microphone close together. By pairing high-quality equipment with your smartphone, you can create impressive videos without investing in fancy video equipment.

Brush Up on Your Editing Skills
Once you have your footage, take the time to put the video together carefully. Take a few online courses or read blogs to help you master your intros, outros, and transitions. Play with adding music, text, and other features to create a seamless video experience. The ideal real estate neighborhood video is between 3-7 minutes long, is easily shareable, and includes vital contact information so viewers can easily find your phone number and website.

Mention Local Businesses
Get to know the local area and find out where the local hot spots are. Highlight locally-owned restaurants and boutiques, popular areas for art, culture, and nightlife, and local businesses. Take viewers through a virtual tour through downtown, the city center, or the area’s most popular hangout spots to create engaging neighborhood profile videos.  Make sure to mention local schools, libraries, grocery stores, coffee shops, and the major employers in the area. Include maps to show different neighborhoods and districts, and to show proximity to major landmarks.

Showcase Outdoor Recreation Options
Along with local businesses, remember to highlight recreational activities that the neighborhood is known for. Showcase local parks and playgrounds, fishing spots, hiking trails, community pools, boat ramps, skate parks, and bike trails. Mention the walkability of the area and what the most popular outdoor recreational activities are in the area.

Include Interviews With Locals
Another great way to enhance your neighborhood profile video is to include interviews with locals. Put together footage of locals talking about what they like about the area, why they live there, how long they’ve lived there, and advice they have for newcomers to the area. Sometimes, hearing about a community from the people who actually live there can make the neighborhood come alive. This allows the viewers to not just take your word for it, but to hear all of the great things about a community from people who call it home.

Neighborhood profile videos can help establish you as a neighborhood expert. They can help you build your brand, expand your network, and give potential buyers the information they need to make a confident and informed decision. Every time you make a video you’ll learn new ways to make the next one better, and soon you’ll be creating high-quality content that buyers are looking for.

Another way to build your reputation and establish yourself as an expert in the industry is to invest in real estate continued education. Mbition has a variety of online courses and classes to help you grow as a real estate agent and take the next step in your career. Check them out here.