Connect with potential clients and showcase your real estate business through local content marketing.

Key takeaways:

• Local content marketing is a great way to reel in new clients.

• Create neighborhood guides that showcase your business and are useful to readers.

Local content marketing is a creative and effective way to find potential clients in a particular area. Producing neighborhood or city guides can make reaching those clients easier, and help real estate agents stay relevant when buying or selling in the area begins to slow.

“When you need to find the nearest ATM, what do you do? You run a quick Google search of ‘ATMs near me,'” Anna Johansson, a staff writer for, wrote in a recent article.

“There’s value in writing neighborhood and city guides that focus on an isolated location that your clients find valuable,” she wrote.

Content in your neighborhood guide should be useful to readers in that area. 

Get started

As with any marketing strategy, there are some marketing dos and don’ts when it comes to creating local content. The following are Johansson’s tips for creating a neighborhood guide that gets attention.

No.1: No keyword stuffing allowed — Using the same keyword over and over again is not the best approach. When writing a neighborhood guide for “Smalltown,” for example, one may be inclined to include that keyword multiple times. Not good, according to Johansson.

“You need to focus on producing quality content; and, in the midst of creating quality content, you’ll naturally find yourself using long-tail keywords that satisfy the search engine’s ranking algorithms,” she wrote.

No. 2: Include content about other industries — Although it’s an agent’s primary business, real estate information should not be the only industry represented in the guide. To appeal to the widest audience, the content should “touch on a wide array of topics and give readers a full picture of what it’s like to live, work and play in their respective city,” according to Johansson.

No. 3: Ensure you have the means to stay in touch — Although it is intended to provide information, the ultimate job of the guide is to help the real estate agent gain new clients. Johansson suggested agents ensure the guide includes a way to get readers’ contact information so they can stay in touch.

Source: “3 tips for using local content marketing to snag clients,” (June 19, 2017)