Even more important than deciding to market your business is making sure you choose the right marketing tools for the job. Digital marketing is the preferred method for any business. The difficulty comes in figuring out which digital medium works best for yours.

“If you do not fully understand each tool, and what they are best at, you will end up wasting time on the wrong thing,” Christine Jones, community manager for consumer complaints website HissingKitty.com, wrote in a business.com article.

If you’re unsure which digital marketing tools to use, Jones’s article, “Suit Up: 4 must-have tools in your digital marketing arsenal,” may be able to help. Here are her suggestions:

• SEO —  Use Google planner to find the best phrases for your search engine optimization, along with Open Site Explorer, to build your authority, Jones suggested. It’s also important to make sure you have great content for clients to peruse.

“A few tweaks to a poorly designed website can double or even triple your traffic within six to eight weeks,” Jones wrote.

• Social media — Jones suggested first writing down the social media channels you think you may want to use. For each one, ask yourself which ones are right for you. It’s okay if you aren’t using all of them, according to Jones.

“One of the biggest myths in social media is that you need to be everywhere,” she wrote. “You only need to be everywhere your customers are searching for you.”

Once you’ve chosen your channels, devise a plan to implement your marketing strategy. Jones suggested using a free scheduling app such as Hootsuite.

• Automation — Email is something all of your clients use, according to Jones, so a drip email campaign to get your message out is a great marketing tool. These campaigns automatically send out a series of informative emails to your clients on a scheduled basis. Services such as Mailchimp or Marketo are two Jones suggested.

• Video — Citing video statistics from Comscore, Jones wrote that the time spent per viewer on YouTube is 311 minutes: just over 5 hours. With those statistics, YouTube is definitely the place to market your business.

“Many business owners shoot welcome videos to put on the home page of their website or blog,” Jones wrote.

“Instead of welcoming a new visitor with text, a video provides a more engaging experience.”