We’re in month two of 2016, but it’s not too late to make new year’s resolutions that will enhance your real estate business. “New Year, New You: 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners,” a Business.com article by marketing specialist and Punched Clocks founder Sarah Landrum, offers help to start you off on the right track and keep you there throughout the year.

Get healthy — Gym memberships always spike right after the new year because getting healthy is the most popular new year’s resolution, according to Landrum. She suggests business owners apply that same mentality to their business via company wellness plans that encourage staff to get healthy together. “When the whole company is supporting each other to lose weight, eat better and get active, then you’ll find a lot less sick days being activated,” Landrum wrote. “That’s going to have a positive impact on your productivity numbers.”

Toss out the junk — Landrum suggests decluttering your workplace by shredding unnecessary files and recycling your e-waste.  “Don’t neglect the exterior either,” Landrum wrote. “Don’t use the excuse that it’s your landlord’s problem. This is your business.

Boost your website — What does your website say about your company? Does it truly represent your business? If it doesn’t, it may be time to give it a boost. Resolve to keep your website’s content fresh so that your visitors will be engaged. “Your company website is your virtual business card,” noted Landrum. “Often, it is the only source your customer might look at to determine if they want to spend money on your service or product.”

Spread the good word about your business — According to Landrum, social media can increase your company exposure, increase traffic to your company website, and build up your brand. If it isn’t already, get your business on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and make sure you dedicate the right amount of time to grow your accounts. “At a minimum, you should devote one hour a day to your social media networking,” Landrum advised.

Fire up your expansion — Dust off your business plan and give it the once over. Have you met the goals you set for your company back when you started? If you have, your next move should be toward expanding your business and doing what it takes to get there. “Whether it means setting targets for new customer acquisition, adding to your product line, or reaching into foreign territories, the new business is not going to come to you,” Landrum wrote. “You have to go out there and bring the business back.”

Be a better boss — Resolve to make a habit of conferring regularly with your staff. Take the time to find out any issues they have and listen to their ideas. “Let 2016 be the year you truly engage with your staff,” Landrum wrote. “After all, this is the team that is going to take your business to the next level.”