This is a new year and many agents will be looking for ways to help their clients upgrade their properties so they sell faster and list higher.  And while peel-and stick-wallpaper and interior barn doors may be popular decor options for the inside in 2021, these are the outdoor upgrades you can expect to see more of in the near year: 

Year-Round Living Spaces

If you live and work in a place where temperatures change dramatically throughout the year, you may not invest a lot of time or money into your outdoor spaces. Instead of only using their backyard space when it is warm, more and more homeowners are creating outdoor spaces that can be used year-round. This includes incorporating fireplaces and fire pits for cold winters, all-weather rugs, privacy screens, shady pergolas, climate control options, and retractable screens. Think about the average weather throughout the year where you live and what small upgrades could suggest for an outdoor space that is usable all year long. 

Outdoor Bars

Outdoor kitchens were a major design trend over the last few years, and are still a luxurious upgrade to any outdoor space. However, 2021 may see more outdoor entertainment spaces that feature high top bars, expansive counter space, ample cabinet space, and convenient storage options. Adding a bar area to an existing outdoor space can increase the value of a home. 

Mixing Materials

Another hot trend for outdoor spaces in 2021 will be the blending and mixing of materials. Blending natural elements with more industrial materials creates a multi-purpose space that appeals to a wide pool of buyers. Walkways made of wood, stone, and sand lead to common spaces that incorporate bamboo, wicker, and aluminum. The layering of materials makes these outdoor spaces feel more versatile and livable, and give a traditional patio or backyard garden a sophisticated upgrade. 

Seamless Transitions 

More and more high-end homes are incorporating retractable screens, privacy barriers, and energy-efficient windows to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Sliding glass doors that can disappear into the walls allow homeowners to expand their interior living space. It also allows for natural light to fill the rooms. Angled rooflines, consistent flooring, large glass panes, semi-open ceilings, and skylights help to bring inside and outside together. 

Fire and Light 

Firepits, fireplaces, decorative heat lamps, and bold statement light pieces will also be making a comeback in 2021. The right lighting sets the mood for an outdoor entertainment space, and contemporary light sources can be both beautiful and functional. Firepits add a subtle warmth to a small space, while also incorporating smooth lines, soft lighting, and a calming ambiance. Hanging light fixtures, floor lamps, and solar-powered garden lights all have their place on the modern patio. You can also expect to see people adding chimineas, fire tables, and Kadai fire bowls to their existing outdoor entertainment spaces. 

Be A Better Real Estate Agent In 2021

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