Real estate agents have used Facebook video to enhance their marketing. Now, a new update from Facebook lets users upload panoramic pics. That means better, bigger, and wider shots of your listings, which in today’s visually digital world could mean more sales.

Although not quite as exciting as 36o degree videos, being able to upload panoramic pics to Facebook is a plus.

“What a huge update with major implications here in the real estate industry!” Jason Cassity, a real estate professional with City Consulting Group in San Diego, wrote in an article for

“I love the 360-degree videos that I’m starting to see pop up, but until that becomes commonplace in real estate marketing, using panoramic photos can be a great bridge.”

Here are three ways Cassity said real estate agents should be using Facebook to showcase panoramic pics:

1.  Showcase views — Use panoramic pics to fully showcase a particular view, such as “the rooftop of a high-rise building, an ocean view from the living room or just the street view from the front door,” Cassity wrote.

2. Take interior shots — This feature is great for homes that have large, expansive spaces such as great rooms or extra-large kitchens. Using panoramic pics of these spaces gives the viewer a fuller view of the space and is a great way to showcase them.

3. Use them in social campaigns — Now that you have all these great shots of your listings, Cassity suggested putting them to further use by incorporating them into a social campaign. Cassity wrote he used them across his targeted zip codes, and the result was “much more interaction than my normal photo and video posts,” he noted.

A bonus point for agents: “These panoramic shots are great ways to showcase yourself as a tech-savvy agent in your area,” according to Cassity.